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    • Name: prism universal proximity switch
    • Model:SN04-N
    • Size:18*18*36mm
    • Detection Distance:4mm
    • Detection Object: metal,iron
    • Operating Voltage: DC 6-36V
    • Output Way: DC 3 wire NPN normally open, NPN NO
    • Output Current:300?mA)
    • Shell Material: plastic
    R138.32 incl VAT
  • Easy to Install

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    • HIGH RELIABILITY: Easily process G-code or PLT file with super size, high reliability. Directly read files from U-disk, high read speed.
    • RECOVER FUNCTION: Reliable data protection and recover function, effectively prevent the loss of important parameters.
    • FAST PROCESS : Strong system and intelligent document checking function. It supports high micro step which makes precise and fast process possible.
    • EASY TO OPERATE: Totally independent from PC platform, strong anti-interference ability. Friendly operating interface, easy to operate.
    • EASY TO UPDATE SYSTEM PROGRAM: Support to process part of the file; easy to update system program.
    R8,694.00 incl VAT