LED Controllers

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    • 2.1mm Male to 2.1mm Female inline switch
    • toggle switch
    R86.25 incl VAT
  • Mini Inline 5-24V LED Controller for RGB Strip Light with USB

    • Input: 5-24V
    • 3 keys Mini RGB controller
    • Supply Voltage:DC5-24V (Std USB – 5V – will only work with 5V LED Strip)
    • Output:3 circuit * 2A((each circuit)
    • Output Power:5V<30W, 12V < 72W
    R90.39 incl VAT
    • LED Dimmer 12-24V DC
    • Power: 8Amp
    • Input: 12-24V
    • PWM Manual Knob Dimmer Controller,
    • 0%-100% PWM
    • Dimming Control
    • Brightness LED Dimmer Switch for 5050/3528 Single Color LED Strips, Ribbon Lights, Tape Lights or Other LED Products
    R99.94 incl VAT
  • LED RGB Amplifier 5-24V – 8Amp per Channel

    8A RGB Repeater is capable of running 15m of 5050 RGB Strip Light.

    Please note that the controller needs to ordered separately.

    R207.00 incl VAT
    • Specification:
      2.4GHz RGB LED Controller:
    • Input / output voltage: DC12-24V
    • Wattage:(12V):<216W, 24V:<432W
    • Max load per channel: 6A
    • Output connection: common anode
    • Working temperature: -20-60??br />Control way: RGB channels
    • Size: 85*45*22mm
      Package Included:
    • 1* 2.4G RGB/RGBW LED controller
    • 1* touch screen remote control
    R345.75 incl VAT
  • RGB LED Controller 2.4G RF Wireless Touch Screen Remote

    R345.75 incl VAT