Electrical Switches and Sockets

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  • 5Amp Plugtop

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    5Amp Plugtop


    Type: Plast Plugtop

    Material: PLastic and Copper

    Rating: 5 Amp

    Please note that this is a 5Amp plug and is not the same size as a standard 3 prong  SA plug.

    R18.98 incl VAT
    • Float Level Switch
    • 16 Amp
    • Length: 5m
    • NO/ Comm/ NC
    • Supplied with Cable Weight
    • Low Level Switch
    • High Level Switch
    R243.80 incl VAT
  • IEC Female Jack

    • Type: IEC In-Line Socket (Female)
    • Rating: 250 VAC
    • Amperage: 10 Amp
    • Screw Connecting for live, neutral and earth
    • Sold per Piece
    R31.65 incl VAT
  • In Line Through Switch – Click To Choose

    In-line Through Switch

    • Available in Black and White
    • Available in 1 and 10 Pack

    A simple white switch normally used for bed lamps, but can be used to switch power to LED Strips on and off.

    It’s an inline switch so the wire runs through the switch. The black wire runs uninterrupted on the left handside.

    You have to cut the the red wire and connect each side to one of the terminals on the right inside the switch.

    Used with 0.5mm Flex/ Ripcord

    R12.08R105.23 incl VAT
    Pack Size : 1 Pack - 10 Pack
    Colour : White - Black