Electric Fencing Lights

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  • Strobe Light

    The LED waterproof strobe light is a visual indicator of an alarm. It flashes to indicate an alarm condition when it occurs. The strobe light can carry on flashing after the alarm as an event memory indicator.

    • Visible from up to 500m at night and 100m during the day
    • Uses minimal power
    • Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle.
    • Can be used with all 12Volt DC output systems
    • Waterproof enclosure


    Supply: 12Vdc
    Diameter: Mounting hole 5mm
    Colour: Black housing with Red LED
    UV stabilised HDPE
    Operating temperature: -40o to 80 Celsius
    Operating volatge: 10~13Volt DC
    Recycling: SPI resin code 2

    R102.11 incl VAT
  • Light – Strobe Mounting Bracket

    R8.34 incl VAT