Electric Fencing Accessories

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  • Double pole lightning protection system inhibits lightning and diverts the voltage spikes caused by lightning. Can protect the output and also the return of a security energizer.

    • Built-in lightning inhibitor, inhibits lightning from getting to the energizer.
    • Built-in lightning diverter, diverts the lightning from the energizer into the earth spikes
    • External cover and stainless steel components for use outdoors near the fence


    Material: UV stabilised plastic housing

    Stainless steel components for long life

    R264.13 incl VAT
  • Earth Spike – Copper – 1.2m including nut / washer

    The copper cladded earth spike or stake is used to earth the electric fence system. A minimum of 3 earth spikes must be knock into the ground near the electric fence at a minimum of 1.5 m apart. Connect these earth spikes to the energizer or the fence using the high tension insulated cable (HT). In areas where earthing conditions are bad you may be required to add a few more earth spikes/stakes along the fence line and connect these back to the energiser.

    • Copper clad nuts and washers
    • Available in both 1.0m and 1.2m lengths
    • The double nut and washer allow for a good electrical connection with the HT cables


    Finish: Copper claded

    Lengths: 10mm x 1.0m

    10mm x 1.2m

    R67.07 incl VAT
  • Sliding Gate Contact – Z-Bracket HDG

    The gate contact mounting bracket is used to secure the Nemtek gate 2 way contacts onto the gate and the wall.

    • Heavy duty design to secure the gate connect in place during continuous operation
    • supplied with adjustable screws for finer settings
    • Hot-dip galvanised finish can cope with most environments


    Finish: Hot dip galvanised
    Weight: 1.135kg


    R272.14 incl VAT
  • Sliding Gate Contact In Line – SGC07

    The 2 way inline heavy duty sliding gate contact is used for wiring live wires in series onto a sliding gate. The robust construction using stainless steel and brass, makes it suitable for outdoor use in most climates. The large location plates allow for increased tolerance and easier installation.

    • Heavy duty design
    • Large location plates allow for increased tolerance
    • Available with brass cable connectors (SGC13) or crimp lug connectors (SGC07)
    • Mounting the gate contact bracket available. (EA-SGC07ZB/HDG)

    The EA-SGC13/EARTH includes an earth plate. The gate contact will switch to earth when the gate is opened forcing an alarm condition. The connect is only used when the system is off while the gates are opened.


    Material: UV stabilised Nylon
    Stainless steel and brass
    Comes in two parts:
    Dimensions in mm: 80(L) x 118(W) x 60(H)
    Dimensions in mm: 95(L) x 114(W) x 60(H)

    R392.20 incl VAT
    • Warning signs must be placed along the fence line to warn of the existence of an electrified fence.
    • These must be placed at 10m intervals along the fence, at gate ways or whenever there is a change of direction.
    • Wire clips on the warning sign reduce installation time.
    R11.12 incl VAT