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  • Light – Strobe Mounting Bracket

    R8.34 incl VAT
  • Earth Spike – Copper – 1.2m including nut / washer

    The copper cladded earth spike or stake is used to earth the electric fence system. A minimum of 3 earth spikes must be knock into the ground near the electric fence at a minimum of 1.5 m apart. Connect these earth spikes to the energizer or the fence using the high tension insulated cable (HT). In areas where earthing conditions are bad you may be required to add a few more earth spikes/stakes along the fence line and connect these back to the energiser.

    • Copper clad nuts and washers
    • Available in both 1.0m and 1.2m lengths
    • The double nut and washer allow for a good electrical connection with the HT cables


    Finish: Copper claded

    Lengths: 10mm x 1.0m

    10mm x 1.2m

    R67.07 incl VAT
  • Siren – 15W – 12V DC


    The sirens are audible indicators that alerts you if there is an alarm condition when the electric fence has been tampered with. Designed to be weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use.

    R68.90 incl VAT