Who We Are

Switched for Life was born out of a passion for all things electrical.

From Smart Homes to Smart Tools, we have been searching the globe to source innovative products priced correctly which are of the highest quality.

We have spent a large amount of time developing a business model that can allow us to supply wholesalers and retailers as well as being able to supply the end user.

We offer a discount structure to various tiers of retailers, commercial and industrial installers as well as individuals.

What We Do

We source High Quality Products and work on distribution channels into South Africa as well as making sure that all the products are backed by manufacturers and that we keep sufficient amounts of spares in stock at all time to honour our warranties on the products.

We start with small volumes of product and test them first in industrial or real-world conditions to make sure that the products stand up to our quality expectations. If they pass, we then will bring in products making sure that the quality is there.

Quality Guaranteed

A Winning Formula

  1. Bringing in Sample Product
  2. Check quality and finishes
  3. Put into industry or real world environments
  4. Test for a number of months
  5. Bring in larger quantities
  6. Make sure all products have spare parts if necessary
  7. Offer Quality tested products at affordable prices
  8. Make sure that the products are back by us
  9. Look forward to welcoming clients back.